Mental Toughness Webinar Recap

Our Wartime Leadership Series cultivates the most relevant and helpful information to bring to you as videocasts, webinars and more.

  • Thanks to the more than 180 who registered for our first webinar in our Wartime Leadership Series. The first topic was about mental toughness, and had as panelist noted psychometrics expert, Dr. Ryne Sherman from Hogan Assessments. The recording is available here.
  • A key takeaway from Mental Toughness is that there is science that can reliability assess an individual’s “mental toughness” quotient.
  • Talent Sequencing’s Dr. Dan Squires has built this into a diagnostic and prescriptive application that can be easily administered to an individual employee, team or broader sample set of company staff.
  • Mental toughness can be coached up.
  • If an employee was lower than optimal target range for mental toughness, Fahrenheit Advisors’ Jeff Ertel has built a coaching protocol to take the prescription and help drive adherence to a coaching plan that is tailored to each individual’s specific growth areas.

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The BSG, Talent Sequencing and Farhenheit Advisors joint team presents the next in our webinar series,

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