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The Power of Talent-Focused Insights in Pre-Deal Diligence

Unlocking Value in Private Equity: A New Approach In today’s fiercely competitive private equity landscape, the need for comprehensive pre-deal diligence has never been greater. Traditional evaluations have long emphasized financial metrics, operational efficiencies, and market positioning. However, our latest white paper, “Enhancing Pre-Deal Diligence with Talent-Focused Insights,” highlights a critical yet often overlooked component: […]

The Next Generation of Company Goal Setting

As new frameworks like total quality management, lean, & Six Sigma revolutionized manufacturing, and the Agile framework took technology development to the next level, so too has evolved “company operating systems” to now help manage a company’s performance, not just manufacturing or software development. Evolution of Company Performance Management: From MBO to OKRs and EOS […]

Building High-Performing Teams: Strategies for Enhanced Collaboration and Productivity

In the modern workplace, the effectiveness of teams plays a critical role in driving organizational success. High-performing teams not only achieve better results but also foster innovation and adaptability. To cultivate such teams, organizations must focus on enhancing collaboration and productivity. One valuable tool in this endeavor is the Quality of Team assessment, which offers […]

The Case for Executive Coaching | Talent Sequencing Vision Series

Coaching. A phrase oft wrought with the distinction of self-improvement and positive enhancement. Considered “mission critical” across the realms of sports, entertainment and the like, it is understood to be a key piece of strategy when discussing performance potential and capability. Yet, when included in the business context, the idealization surrounding coaching swiftly takes on […]

Top Coaching Recommendations for Executives | Talent Sequencing Vision Series

When Individual Executive Coaching Should Be Considered While onboarding a new executive hire into a new organization When existing high performance executives are looking to move to the next level of learning & performance When existing executives are require new skills as the company moves from one stage of growth to another Individual executive coaching […]

ELIMINATE FIRST DATE BEHAVIORS | 2021 Talent Sequencing Success Series

FACT #5: Interviewing & assessing executive candidates in 2020 got a whole lot more difficult when forced to do so remotely  For many, it felt like 2 out of 3 legs of the interviewing stool got cut off, leaving the interviewer precariously teetering on one spindle, off balance and unable to trust what they were […]

FOLLOW THE RESEARCH | 2021 Talent Sequencing Success Series

For our latest, we’re letting the experts at Vistage handle the 4th resolution as presented by their Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin and simply recommending that you “follow the research”. FACT #4: Hiring and Recruiting will be the #1 decision the C-Suite will have to face in 2021  According to the Vistage Organization and its Chief […]