Wartime Leadership at the Edge of a Downturn
Mental Toughness: Can You Assess It & Can You Coach It Up Within Your Team?

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Is there such a thing as Wartime Leadership? And if so, what are the telltale signs? 

And will a change in leadership approach be only temporal, or permanent?  Can we just wait this out, and then go back to leadership as we led before Covid?  Or is this  a “new normal” in our approach to leading our organizations, a permanent tectonic shift in the crust of  leadership we are all likely going to have to make?

In this 30 minute webinar, join our panel of 3 experts on the science of leadership.  Each will share their insights, answering the following questions, generating the following take-away learning:

  • Is there a different in leadership styles required for wartime vs. peace?
  • Can you use science and evaluation instruments to assess your leadership teams for their leadership DNA and peace vs wartime fingerprint?
  • If wartime leadership ingredients are under-represented, is it nature or nurture? In other words, can grit, resilience and mental toughness be coached in or up or is it “you have it or you don’t”?
  • If it IS coachable, is it a “one-size-fits-all” coaching prescription, or are there tools that can granularly diagnosis differences between leaders and customized coaching areas to optimize for wartime leadership aptitude