MEASURE COMPANY CULTURE | 2021 Talent Sequencing Success Series

FACT #2:
Company cultures during Covid-19 in 2020 was a “tale of 2 cities”—some companies actually IMPROVED their cultures across the pandemic. Yet others saw massive deterioration (see article and analytics of 1.4 million employees and their sentiments around their company’s cultures by MIT Sloan Review published in October 2020, ). The difference between companies who were perceived to have improved their cultures vs. those who didn’t?  

During times of crisis the quality of communication is central to how employees evaluate corporate culture. The other big factor behind company cultural erosion during Covid? 

“Employees Give Companies Low Marks for Agility During COVID-19” as defined by 12 depressions from down 7% to down almost 40% in areas including slowness of speed in responding to changes, lack of strategic consistency & level of bureaucracy. 

Resolution #2: As the management adage goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” Start MEASURING your own company’s culture. Light, quick, and frequent culture health monitoring pulses can make the difference between being in the “good city,” or the “bad”. For more on Talent Sequencing’s tool for culture pulsing, learn about the Distributed Culture Heatmap,