Distributed Culture Heatmap

A culture health-monitoring survey tool that creates a heat map for potential problem areas which can then analyzed by leadership and coaching to course correct and strengthen where necessary.

The Problem We Discovered: 

Distributed companies understand the importance of measuring culture but lack a way of identifying and tackling issues in a standardized and formulaic approach company-wide.

The Answer We Developed: Distributed Culture Heat Map
A new launch as of July 1, 2020
, Talent Sequencing’s answer to monitoring culture health for distributed and virtual companies and their teams.

Why a Distributed Culture Heatmap (DCH)?

Each company has its individual culture, made up of its own unique stylistic and values fingerprint.  However, as COVID-19 hit, many companies were forced to change the way they did business, both externally with their customers, and internally with their staff & employees.   

The biggest physical byproduct?  Non-essential workers went virtual, no longer commuting into offices, branches or pods.  

The impact?  Executives who were used to MBWA (management by walking around) struggled to see and feel what was happening in the company with collaboration, project management, creativity, and competition.

The Solution

We’ve created a fast-to-complete, culture health-monitoring survey tool based on the well regarded Competing Values framework.

It pulses a company’s employees every 4, 8 or 12 weeks and generates a relative measure of how a culture is moving.  This creates a heat map for potential problem areas that can then be focused on with by company leadership, the talent function inside an organization, or external coaching resources to course correct and strengthen where necessary.

One of the key vectors surveyed is the impact on virtual working to a company’s culture. There is also the opportunity to add a 4th short section to the pulse survey that is customized to a company’s own information needs, and is completely determined by the company in either multiple choice, customer satisfaction/NPS scoring, short form and/or long-form  narrative responses.

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