During this pandemic, great companies are realizing the importance of taking care of their most important assets; their people and their brand. As we face a tough economy and challenging times, potential lay-offs as part of the survival strategy may become a reality. Maintaining workforce productivity, engagement, morale and brand reputation will be key to success for organizations to thrive. We have built a virtual workshop with innovative strategies led by industry expert trainers to help you support your affected employees.

This four-hour online workshop will create the pathway to new employment. Our experts leading the way through this training each have 35+ years of experience in career counseling and outplacement and are ready to share knowledge and practical techniques for securing work during this difficult market conditions like what we are facing today with COVID-19. 

·     Thursday, April 30, 12-4 PM Eastern Standard Time
·     Space is limited to provide optimal attendee experience
·     Hosted by Fahrenheit Advisors